missinvision banner - Vision and Mission
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To become the leading supplier of integrated solutions in kitchen designs and implementations; various rooms and home decoration elements; whether through our range of products manufactured locally or imported globally.

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To provide each customer with a sustainable product that lives throughout their lifetime through manufacturing and providing the best raw materials, the latest designs, the strongest international brands, in addition to the long warranty and maintenance services that guarantee the longest life and the best return on investment on our products.

How do we give you a lifetime product?

Technical Advice Solutions is provided by specialized designers who are present in all our branches,
so that planning are based scientifically and not commercially. And by this we aim to:

  • Exclusivity of the design and its uniqueness to suit the needs of each client separately
  • Assurance in employing the purpose of usage
  • Optimum utilization of space
  • Our product accords with the rest of the furniture and decor located in the place
  • Optimal achievement of client budget
  • Best quality of raw materials
  •  Lifetime warranty

Methodology of work

  • Meeting with the designers to review the requirements and budget of the client
  • Visiting the site to survey the location and to analyze the elements that surrounds the work space
  • Fundamental planning and initial visualization
  • Adjustments in coordination with the client reaching their ideals and finalizing raw material selections
  • Final pricing
  • Importation or fabrication and then installation